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About Retreat

Do you ever feel like retreating and spending some time in a prayer?
Do you feel like spending a few days in silence only with Jesus?
Do you look for new ways to reach proximity to the Lord?

Trinapolis retreat house is always open to a Christian who is searching, travelling, longing for spiritual refreshment at the Lord’s feet. Here is the place to answer to the Lord’s call. We don’t have anything ourselves and we can’t do anything ourselves. To think where I am at the moment and where does the Father invite me to blossom or settle down, stay in silence, read the Bible for a day or two. Such spiritual practice is a means of refreshment.

If then I have grace in your eyes,
let me see your ways,
so that I may have knowledge of you
and be certain of your grace

Exodus 33,13

When the time comes for you to start retreats Trinapolis retreat house is always open for you.

We wish you not to be afraid, to be brave, to come and pick fruit from the vineyard of the Lord.

May God bless you!